Andy cohen dating jeff lewis

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By Radar Staff Saying he’s “still in a state of disbelief over this whole thing,” Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis is speaking out about his lawsuit against his longtime trusted assistant Jenni Pulos, who wrote a book entitled Hang in There, Baby — What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love.

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What happened was that I brought him into this business. I didn't have the time or the energy to return these emails, to reach out to these opportunities. The problem was that I was running around ragged, meeting with clients, going to job sites, and by the time I got home and was finished with my work, it was now at night.So I gave her the elective plastic surgery of her choice. She got Botox, collagen, laser, a chemical peel, a neck-lift, a full face lift, and an upper and lower eye lift. They travel back and forth, which I think is exciting and romantic. Are there any developments with [your ex] Ryan Brown this season? I haven't heard from him since the season three reunion. I think it's a good thing long term, but it's painful short term.

2012 Miss Australia Renae Ayris, 27, shows off bikini body while on a beach outing with her current boyfriend, personal trainer Andrew Papadopoulos at Bondi Beach in Sydney, 02/10/2018.

We caught up with Lewis to talk about his boyfriend's new job and debut on the series, his maid Zoila's plastic surgery, and when we can expect some OCD babies to join the fun. I was on George Lopez two days ago, and he said he was really excited for season four, but that was the last season. If you look at the beginning there have been some pretty drastic, dramatic changes from when we started the show. I think when you have as many years of success as I had, you certainly build an ego. I still have one, but I think it's a little different. We certainly don't talk about business all the time. But the show has been so beneficial to my business and my career that we really needed to proceed. What my responsibilities are and what his responsibilities are are two completely different things. He's in the office, he's on the phone all day, he's meeting with people, as well. Jenni and I are basically stuck to each other's sides all day long. So Gage and I aren't stuck to each other all day long. I don't think I would be with someone who didn't want to ultimately have children because that is something that I want to do.

It's not really something, of course, that I expected. I didn't expect the dissolution of my business partnership. I mean if we're hooking up, we should totally not talk about business. Were you worried about taking your relationship public? When I get home, we can spend time together, and it's not like we've been together all day long. I don't understand how these spouses or people who have significant others that are working with them, I don't see how they do it -- being in an office side-by-side all day long and then going home and spending the evening together. There's been a lot of baby talk on the past in the show. It's funny, in my mind I have this mental checklist that's like, ? And then there's some business things I want to do, and then I believe children are next. The fifth season of Flipping Out premieres Wednesday, July 6 at 9 p.m. For more info, visit the show's official website and follow Jeff Lewis on Twitter.

I sent him a few emails, in which I kind of requested we get together, but it just never happened.

When I sent over the second or third email, I just kind of knew that that was it.

Lewis responded: “This is what I’m going to tell you about Jenni.