Antique dating knife

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Antique dating knife - dl dating

If someone hasn't thrown it away in 50 years, there's probably a good reason. The blade of a full tang knife will have metal that extends to the back of the handle, usually with brass rivets holding the wood scales in place. Japanese knives may be half tang, but they have laminated steel blades, and are amazing knives. A magic combination is an old knife with surface rust but no deep pitting (especially near the edge), with wood handles that aren't split, and with a blade that still has some life left in it.What to avoid: I avoid plastic handles and stainless steel, but that's my preference.

Older knives are often worn down and concave in the center.If you're feeling ambitious and want to make your own knife instead of restoring, check out these Instructables: The most important step is to find a good knife.Search local flea markets first, then try second hand stores or craigslist, and then antique shops or ebay.If you're the type to put a knife away wet, or leave it in the kitchen sink, then older knives aren't for you.The blade will rust, the handles will split from being wet, and you'll ruin a 50 year old knife in a month.We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden.

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I recommend buying a few of these knives to practice sharpening, the rest or the restoration process is pretty straightforward.

The first thing I do is get rid of any rust on the blade.

If the handle is a dark wood (walnut, rosewood, ebony, etc.), this usually indicates that it wasn't the cheapest knife when it was new.

Anything old (50 years) and with a stamped maker's mark should be decent.

For a good and quick overview of different knife types, check out this Instructable: The Knife Box, for Culinary students, Chefs, and Avid Cooks! If there is a stamping on the blade, or an etching, or any logo on the handle, you will be able to identify the knife and see if it's worth anything.