Baggs 11 adult chat sites

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Baggs 11 adult chat sites

2014-present The Artistic Spectrum 30s; 2017-present thequestioningaspie 2016-present Typically Individual Mother of Autistic; 2016-present LIVING with FASD…and Autism Woman; LIVING with FASD; 2012-2014 Tales From An Autism Family Mother of Autistic; Autistic daughter’s blog; 2012-present The Unmapped Path 2017-present Ad Astra Aspie 2015-present Asymmetra Dx18 ; in Swedish and English; 2017-present This woman is different Woman; Dx56; 2016-present unwrittengrace Grace; 24; Woman; Dx9; bi-racial Christian wannabe writer; 2013-present Being Nearly Human 2010-2011 Ask An Aspie T.Rob; Male; Dx40s; ED, FB, epilepsy; Married 35 years to NT; The Odd is Silent; 2012-present A Different Sort of Solitude Male; 2014-present bundlejoycosysweet Dx18 ; 2017-present An Aspie’s view on Christianity, Aspergers, Bullying, and everything inbetween Woman; Dx18 ; 2013-2016 Awesometism 2011-2014 Thomas Iland 34; Male; Dx13; In a relationship; CPA, Distinguished Toastmaster; 2015-present Eluding Atrophy 34; Non-binary; Dx18 ; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia; single; 2014-present theoriesofminds 2014-present Aspie Daddy Father; Dx28; 2015-present First Gay Aspie Tony; 49; Male; Dx24; Engaged to male Autistic partner; Autistic Sport, Tony’s APAC2013, Tony’s Down Under Blog, The Shack of VK3JED; 1996-present Hyper Inspiration 2013-2015 Roses are Red for Autism Male NSp teen; 2014-present A Magical Aspie 2017-present Typings of a Typically Autistic Teen 2011-present Aspie from Maine 2010-present Aspienaut – Wired Differently Male; 2012-2016 The Autistic Beekeeper 2015-present Being A Parent with Aspergers Mother of Autistic; 2012-2013 A Girl Outside The Box – Best of 2011-2014 Woman; 2011-2014 awkdorkable aspie Tori; 27; Dx3-; Woman; Happily taken; Just a weird, dog grooming artist; Facebook; 2015-present Jumping Out of the Fishbowl – An Autistic Life 2014-present Wired for Autism 19; Non-binary; Dx teens; Dep, Anx, LGBTQ , ADHD, APD, OCD, SAD, SPD; journalist, London-based, multilinguist, biomedical scientist; 2017-present Aaron Parsons 30s; Male; Dx18 ; Married; Religion, Public Opinion, Writing; Lazy Nerd 204, Chiptunes4Autism; 2017-present Ausomely Autistic Dx18-; Anxiety, Cerebral palsy, Scoliosis; Special interests: Art, service dogs, dogs, horses, Parelli, music, vaulting; 2016-present Autistic Shark Autistic Abby Writes, Tumblr; 2013-2015 Felis Autisticus 2015-present Queer Without Gender 2013-present Unconditional Parenting on the Spectrum Sally; 40s; Mother of Autistic daughter (PDA); Dx14 (but not told until 42); OCD, ED, FB, PDA, SPD, migraines, fibromyalgia; Single; Passionate about autism acceptance, home education, and unconditional, respectful parenting; 2017-present Elephants Remember Woman, Dx18 ; 2016-present I Know This Rose Will Open 2014-present Finding a new me | An old fart starting over before he’s a dead fart!

Kate Ross; 33; Woman; Dx31; Married to Autistic; Facebook, Twitter, International Aspergirl Society; 2015-present Here Comes A Thought….

21; Woman; Dx5; Anx, OCD, Dep; 2016-present Aspiedebi Debi Brown’s Autism and Asperger Syndrome website; 2013-2014 hereirawr Mother; Dx18 ; 2012-2016 Saved Aspie 2008-2016 Autism Matters Caroline Hearst; 64; Mother of Autistic son and NT son; Dx55; 2013-present Bryce Pace Autism Advocate Dx9; Facebook; 2017-present Melissa Fields, Autist 57; Gender-nonconforming; Dx36; Single; Artist, writer; 2014-present mum2aspergirl goes back to school Mother of Autistic; Dx18 ; 2016-present I Still Find It So Hard…

Male; 2012-2015 Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore Pablo; 11; Male; Dx3-; NSp; 2018-present Serene Aspergia 2012-present Queerly Autistic Woman; Dx23; 2017-present Autism through the Medium of Cats Woman; Dx20; Anx, Dep; 2014-2015 Crabby Centaur 31; Gender Fluid; Dx20s; UK-based; 2015-present Autisticmotherland Mother of Autistic teenage son; Dx 18 ; 2016-present The Tudors make me tic 27; Dx26; Engaged; lives in UK; Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis; 2013-present Aykayem Andrea; 55; Mother of NT son and BPD daughter; Dx54; Divorced; Australia; Up Too Late, As Usual …; 2005-present Autistic Speaks Facebook; 2009-2016 Autism worlds-Eye view Steve; 30s; Male; Dx13 ; hyperacusis, dyslexia, Dep; Autism Worlds-Eye Blog; 2015-present Littlest Alien 2016-present Arinarayne Takes on the World 2017-present The Autistic Atheist Male; Dx30s; Europe; 2009-present Cracked Mirror in Shalott 2009-present Full Spectrum Mama 2012-present My Exploding Head 40s; Male; Dx47; 2017-present Restless Hands 2011-present Flying yet falling Mother; Dx18 ; 2016-present Urocyon’s Meanderings dreamwidth; 2007-2015 Auti-boy!

43; Mother of Autistic son (15) and ADHD son (11); Dx36; Anx, GAD, Dep, CPTSD, bisexual, chronic pain/fibromyalgia, synesthesia, hyperlexia; Married to NT; observations on parenting, scholarship, geekhood, and sensory input; 2011-present Autism is Not a Thing 80s; Woman; Dx60s; Maverick Writer; 2010-present Life on the Spectrum Kylie; 27; Woman; Dx18-; “about embracing Aspergers and my own journey”; 2017-present Matthew Rozsa Male; Salon; 2011-2016 21andsensory Emily; 20s; Woman; Dx18-; SPD, OCD, Anx, hyperhidrosis, dyslexia; based in UK; Instagram, Twitter; 2015-present The Other Side 61; Mother of Autistic sons (20 (ADHD, ‘mild’ Autism); 25 (‘mild’ Autism); 27 (ADHD, suspected Autism); 31 (suspected Autism)), Dx40 ; Married; 2008-present Quirky Missy Magical Land of Lainsil’s World; 2005-present How To Walk Katherine May; 2015-present Identities humanitysdarkerside; 2014-present K Tilden Frost 30s; Non-binary parent of Autistic daughters; Dx30s; PTSD, Dep, Anx; Divorced and partnered; freelance copywriter, fiction writer; 2017-present SEX, DEATH, ROCK’N’ROLL Violet Fenn; Metro UK; 2014-present Life Is Color Mother of Autistic daughter; Dx18 ; 2011-present Author Dahlia Donovan 2017-present Diary Of A Birdmad girl 2017-present Andrea’s Buzzing About 2006-present The Warped Lens of Perception 2011-present Ultraholic Male; Dx50 ; Dep, SPD, alcoholism, addiction; Los Angeles, CA, USA; web development; 2009-present Hux Tales 29; Non-binary; Dx28; Anx, EDS, LGTBQ , PNES, POTS; Publicity & Editorial Director at 3 of Cups Press, London; 2015-present Neurodivergent Rebel Christa Holmans; Woman; Dx29; Anx; Twitter addict & You Tube content creator; 2016-present An Aspie In Kentukia 30s; Woman; Dx4; bipolar I; Widowed; 2008-present Dreeny Blanc Dx18-; 2016-present mummyhereandthere Woman; Dx10; Married; 2015-present RJ’s Corner Male; Deaf; Dx18 ; 2009-present juxtapositionjunkie 2016-present Autism Appreciation Frank L.

Ludwig; 53; Dx50; Childcare Worker and Poet; 2014-present The Holistic Bee Destiny; 22; Woman; Dx21; 2016-present Seriously Not Boring Mother of Autistic; Dx18 ; 2013-present M. Purfield 40s; Father of Autistic child and NT child; Dx40s; Anx, Dep; writer, Jersey City, punk; 2017-present tracycanhazblog Mother; Dx18 ; 2014-present nigelthedragon Stacey Grahame; 28; Woman; Dx14; dyspraxia, arthritis; Seeing someone; 2011-present Holding Patterns and High Tea Salem Leonard-Goosby; 40; Non-binary parent of 5 children 2-14 (all ND); Dx20s; Asthma, AERD (respiratory disease), fibromyalgia, Anx; ethically non-monogamous with all-ND partners; writer, activist; Facebook; 2011-present The Cutting Cookies Circus Dominique Emma Flanigan; 43; Woman; Dx42; ADHD, Dyslexic; Single but determined to change that; Knitter/Crocheter, Peter Pan, Survivor; Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating, The Cutting Cookies Solo Girls Travel Guide; 2016-present Reward and Consent™ 2007-present Over the Top 2005-2016 Aspergreatness Male; Dx50 ; dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Irlen, Anx; Mental Health Professional, Psychopedagogy Professional, Theologian; 2012-present Ann’s Autism Blog 2014-present The Dragon Core 50s; Parent of daughter (BPD and ADHD) and son (ADHD); Dx50 ; ADHD, BPD; Married to NT; Educator in the USA; 2016-present Making It Up 40s; Woman; Dx40s; UK, home educator; Living otherwise, Choosing different; 2003-present A Thinking Patient Twilah Hiari; 40s; Woman; Dx40s; Rejects validity of psychiatric diagnoses; 2015-present The Snacking Sage Dx6-7; ADHD, APD, DID, dyspraxia, gender dysphoria; Philosophy, Self-Improvement, Mental Health, LGBTIQ; 2015-present Thoughts on life 2008-present Non-Speaking Not Silent 2013-present charlottelascellesblog 22; Dx4; trainee journalist from Leeds; 2016-present drive mom crazy J; 30s; Poet & artist from NY; 2007-present Autism Thoughts Thomas A. Mc Kean’s Web Site; 2006-2016 yetanotherlefty 2013-present Aspie Angles 2014-2016 I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You Eric P.

Hilda Steyn; 49; Mother of Autistic (suspected) daughter (23) and NT daughter (25); Dx48; ADHD, mild OCD; Married to NT; Yarn store owner with obsession for fibre and yarn; 2011-present Life on a Blue Moon – A Look at Fragrance, Chronic Illness, Depression & Family Dynamics Woman; Dx50 ; Dep, Anx, agoraphobia; 2017-present In So Many Words Mother of Autistic; 2016-2016 Aberrata Mother of Autistic; Dx18 ; Wattpad; 2015-present Fenris’ Realm 20s; Male; Dx22; Anx, Dep; infreq; Scandinavia; 2017-present lawandmagic Caitlin Walsh; 31; Mother of NT daughter (1); Dx16; Married to Autistic (suspected); Long-term office temp worker; 2015-present Melusinian Musings Charlotte Smith; 22; Woman; Dx13; Anx, JHS, LGBTQ , SAD; UK blogger discussing autism, history, and fairies; 2017-present Just Add Tea Elizabeth; 30s; Woman; Dx34; Single; Teacher from Texas; 2012-present Jehoshabeath 2002-present Star Ford 49; Woman; Dx30s; A Field Guide to Earthlings; 1989-present Spiritual Equilibrium 2005-present Aspie Catholic Jason Thayer; 42; Male; Dx18 ; Single; Roman Catholic; no political commentary; 2012-present Emmeline 29; Woman; Dx21; Married to NT; Linguist based in Canberra, Australia. Revolver] 32; Dx30; GAD; Dep; Single; 2009-present theaspiewizard Woman; 2012-2013 Chic Gibson Father of Autistic son; Dx41; 2014-present Scott Lentine 2013-present Silly Goose Dx20s; 2014-present Group Autistic blogs, listed by Alexa rank (back to top) Wrong Planet Autism Community Forum 2004-present Asperger’s & Autism Forum 2010-present Asperger Experts You Tube; 2012-present THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM includes non-Autistic contributors; 2010-present Autism Women’s Network Facebook; 2009-present La neurodiversité in both French and English; 2016-present Chat for Adults with HFA and Aspergers 2011-present Ollibean -present GRASP 2016-present Autistics Speaking Day 2011-present Respectfully Connected Parents (some non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2015-present Autism Acceptance Month 2013-present That Autism Feel 2014-present Spectrum Women Barb Cook; International online publication by Autistic Women for Autistic women; 2016-present Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance Parents (including non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2013-present Autisic Spectrum Bloggers Michelle; 20s; Dx12; bipolar; in a relationship; 2017-present little autism things 2015-present LOVE-NOS 2011-2011 Learn From Autistics includes non-Autistic contributors; 2015-present disabilityrightnow includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2014 Autism and Empathy 2011-2012 The Unpuzzled Project 2013-2016 Autistic Women’s Association Worldwide 2015-2016 Our Autistic History (Month) Autistic History Month; 2016-present Amplify Autistic Voices 2013-present Autism Acceptance Day 2011-present SEEDs for Autism Blog 2016-present We Are Like Your Child 2013-present ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program 2014-present Aspie Trainers Blog 2016-present Autistic Philly created by Founding Members of The Philadelphia Center for Autistic Advancement; Facebook; 2017-present Autistics Aware 2011-2012 Neuro Queer includes non-Autistic contributors; 2013-2016 Scattered ASD Perspectives includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2013 Walk in OUR shoes 2015-2015 Aut Angel 2016-present Talk About Autism 2015-2016 Autistic People Should…

Avid crocheter; 2014-present Land of My Sojourn Male; Dx18 ; 2009-present Isza Kerr 33; Woman; Dx32; SPD, Anx, Dep, PTSD; Scotland , Artist, Writing; 2017-present Rainey Days Tumblr, Twitter; 2015-present thegiverofwords David; Male; Dx20; OCD, Periodic limb movement disorder, hyperacusis, Anx; Married; loves words and grammar and enjoys employing them impeccably; Amazon; 2012-present Alan Christoph’s blog Male; 2017-present I’d Rather Rescue Myself 2014-present Adrian Moore Adrian Moore; 30s; Dx30s; Devon; mountain-bikes and hikes; 2011-present Mercy Endureth Forever 2011-present Outside In Uncommon Bostonian; 2008-present Letters From Ellice Woman; 2016-present Creative Writing Of A Baltimorean 2016-present Defiantly Divergent 2014-2015 The Liberal Aspie Cristina Alexander; 24; Woman; Dx18-; OCD, Personality Disorder-NOS; 2015-present theasdgamerblog 60s; Dx50 ; Married; 2013-present Tiny Grace Notes (Ask an Autistic) Letters To Autistic Kids; 2012-2015 Man in his Pyjamas Male; 2012-present [Oh. 2013-2013 Autistic blogs with other focuses, listed by Alexa rank (back to top) Penelope Trunk Careers Mother of Autistic; 2001-present Stephen Wiltshire – Drawings, paintings and prints -present Social Skills Blog Male; 2012-present Autistic Self Advocacy Network Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr; 2012-present Autism Investigated Jake Crosby; Male; Dx18-; MPH in epidemiology, research experience in vaccine safety; The Epoch Times, ageofautism, Brandeis Magazine; 2013-present Social skills for autonomous people.Male; 2008-present Alice In Blunderland Woman; Dx17; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD, SPD, GAD, ED; 2016-present The Autism Advantage 2016-present Neuro Diversity Revisited Judy Singer; 2013-2016 love shyness 2013-present Autistic Empaths Laura Z.Weldon; 20s; Woman; Dx28; FB, SPD, migraines, SIBO (intestinal), autoimmune; Studying naturopathic medicine and integrative mental health, health coach, sensory processing sensitivity; Weldon Wellness; 2017-present Square 8 2007-2015 Cat in a dog’s world 2016-present A Little Off the Mark Woman; Dx28; 2016-present Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog 2012-2015 Emma’s Messiah Miracle of Music 2011-2016 Autism, Lifestyle & Other Random Things!18; Dx18; special education major, caregiver for disabled children, mentor for autistic adult males; 2017-present Life With Asperger’s 30s; Dx30s; Anx, GAD, SPD, ADHD, Dep, OCD, alexithymia, dyspraxia, synesthesia, hyperacusis, Meniere’s, chronic illness, autoimmune; Expresses self best through writing; 2017-present Autistic Alex 2014-present It’s foggy in London Dx25; 2017-present Aspie Teacher Blog Mother; Dx30s; 2015-2015 SAspie Blog 18; Woman; Dx17; 2017-present Her Autism 46; Mother of Autistic daughter (dep, anx, ADHD, OCD); Dx44; 2017-present Aspiepriest Dx18 ; 2015-present Abnormal Diversity 20s; Woman; Dx15; PTSD; Single; Canadian psychologist in training, aspiring author; 2006-present to aspie or not to aspie Woman; Dx20s; Anx, dyslexia; 2017-present A Road to Me Facebook; 2012-present B – Diary of a 20 something Asper Girl Woman; 2017-present standing in the way of control 2015-present ASD – Piece of Mind Woman; Dx40s; 2017-present Neuro-Divergent Demonstration Non-binary; Dx16; SPD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, SAD; Facebook; 2017-present Janepedia Liz Lawson; 26; Woman; Dx18-; allergies, Anx, chronic pain, DID, Dep, ED, HH, migraines, NSp (sometimes), OCD, psychosis, PTSD, self-harm, sensory sensitivities, Tourette’s, trichotillomania; Single; Dallas Metroplex; moderate cursing; 2012-present Aspergers and Me Woman, Dx18 ; 2011-2016 Max’s shop of horrors 2014-present Journal – David Finch Dx18 ; 2016-present Website of James Williams 29; Male; Dx3; hyperlexia, acid reflux; Single with no interest in dating; Northbrook, Illinois; 1996-2016 Mother; Dx35; The Pragmatic Aspie | Psychology Today; 2013-present Me, Myself and PDA Dx12; PDA; 2014-present Look Me In The Eye John Elder Robison; Father of Autistic adult son; My Life With Asperger’s | Psychology Today; 2007-present Graphic Explanations Quarries and Corridors, dreamwidth, Practical Androgyny, Gravatar; 2013-present My Place in this World 30s; Male; Dx30s; God, nature, baseball, photography, writing, animals; 2017-present Jesse Saperstein Male; 2013-present Queen Aspie 2016-present Humble Lionesque 20s; Woman; Dx22; London: Creative: art, design, music, writing; 2016-present Locked Girl Woman; 2017-present innerdragon Woman; Dx20s; Dep, PTSD, OCD, Irlen; 2014-present Rebby’s Ratscape Rebecca; Woman; Dx10; Anx, OCD; Artist, Writer, Gamer; 2017-present mylittlegoldfishbowl Laura; 32; Dx4; Woman; Dep, ADHD; Married; 2014-present Mal on Wire 2016-present The world through an alternative mindset Dx20s; 2016-present aspergergarden Male; 2013-present More Than My Share Of Aspieness 2015-present Diary Of A Painfully Shy Introvert Emma-Lucy; 30s; Woman; Dx16; learning disabilities (intelligent but understanding is on par with a child’s). Larkin Taylor-Parker; 25; Non-binary; Dx6; JD grad, sunbelt, musician, plays with trucks ; Medium, Tumblr; 2016-present Finally Knowing Me Dx45; Bipolar; Married; UK; 2016-present Fox Talks With Letters NSp; 2015-present Cat Amongst Wolves Woman; Dx40s; UK; 2017-present Too Many Tabs Woman; Dx18 ; Chewigem; 2017-present caffeine & star stuff 21; Non-binary; Dx20; ADHD; 2017-present Awetistic Woman; Dx6; Lara’s Portfolio; 2016-present Life Line NSp; 2016-2016 Unicorn Steph 21; Dx12; Scotland; 2017-present Aspects of Aspergers Woman; 2010-2015 disorders galore 26; Woman; Dx26; OCD, ADHD, GAD; Portland, Maine; self-advocacy; mental health professional; 2017-present Walking with Kali Woman; Dx18 ; 2016-present A Quiet Week In The House 40s; Mother of Autistic son (Tourettes’s, OCD; 10ish); Dx40 ; Tourette’s, OCD, Dep; Married; Artist in New England; Tumblr; 2004-present My World My Rules Dx18 ; 2017-present theaspiegirlblog 2016-present Wheelchairs and Coathangers 20; Woman; Dx18; reoccurring mental health issues; student, hopefully future novelist; Twitter, Instagram; 2015-present pedalingwithteo Male NSp teen; 2016-present Life Asper Margo Marguerite Comeau; 26; Woman; Dx21&23; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD; Caucasian, Canadian, Bahai, Pisces; 2015-present Differently Wired!Musings of a Free Thinker, The Ways of the Force; 2010-present the lone lands 2012-present becca leah holden 27; Woman; Dx27; Dep, OCD, fibromyalgia, EDS; Manchester, UK; photography and art; 2017-present Male; 2004-present Merely Quirky 2008-present Well Owl Be….-present Kawaii Maiden 2016-2016 lostandmoonstruck 2017-present An Aspie’s life.