Beautiful widgets updating weather information

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Beautiful widgets updating weather information - Mega sex chat scam

So why bother with a third-party weather client, especially when Google Now has its own weather card, Android comes with a News & Weather app, and a simple Google search for the name of your city with the word weather turns up the result you're looking for? Weather apps can provide a breadth of information that Google's knowledge graph and cards don't have.They can also grab their data from various providers that might happen to be more accurate where you live.

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placed in an article), for users who visit your page on a mobile device, the widget will reformat to vertical layout.And they can have a large selection of widget styles to fit with your homescreen's look. That's why today I'm taking a look at some interesting weather apps for Android.I have divided this roundup into subcategories to address the various types and styles of weather apps, then picked a couple of interesting choices in each with a few honorable mentions to follow. If one app category gets its own entire section in the Play Store, you should surmise that the choices are beyond wide and the selection is almost impossible.Even browsing the category is a daunting minefield of Froyo-stuck designs and mediocre data and options.Background Color – background and borders adapt to current temperature, but the background can also be set to fixed color, even with transparency.

Text Color – is auto set as the best contrast to the automatic background color, but text color can also be overwritten.

This option allows users to override preset weather location.

Weather location is changed by simply typing the name of the location into the search field and selecting favorite from the list of suggested locations.

Besides choosing between two predefined layouts (vertical and horizontal), there are multiple options you can set in order to adjust widget to your website.

Font size – widget’s font size, that automatically adjusts accordingly to web site’s font size and the placement on a page, can be overwritten (in px, pt, em, rem, % etc.).

Weather Timeline isn't free but it's definitely worth the small price of admission. Are you content with Google Now's weather card or do you use a third-party weather app?

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