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Arrest is mandatory in all cases where there is probable cause to believe domestic violence has occurred – and the charge initially is likely to be a felony.

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Minor acts like hair pulling or scratching the skin can trigger a domestic battery charge.Because there is evidence that 10-20% of teens experience some kind of dating violence, lawmakers in California passed a law requiring public schools to educate juveniles about how to prevent dating violence by recognizing abusive relationships, knowing how to avoid engaging in abusive behaviors, understanding relationship boundaries, and providing information about the forms of sexual abuse or assault.California makes getting a restraining order very accessible for youths who are victims of teen violence.In fact there are a number of laws each dealing with specific circumstances, like corporal injury to a spouse, child abuse, date violence and injury to a roommate.The kind of alleged violence and the nature of the relationship between the parties determine which law (or laws) an incident may violate.With a domestic battery charge the victim does not have to suffer physical injury, only that any “willful and unlawful” touching involve force or violence.

Domestic battery is most likely charged as a misdemeanor.Because of the close relationships involved, victims of domestic violence or abuse are given special protections under California’s domestic violence laws.There is not one domestic violence law in California.A permanent restraining order is renewable every five years.Simple domestic battery is typically charged as a misdemeanor.To be convicted it must be shown that the defendant intended to inflict injury and the act resulted in bodily harm.

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