Dating on a budget

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Dating on a budget

If you really want to dress something up, spend your funds on lower-cost accessories, like scarves, shawls and belts that will breathe new life into any outfit — just remember to wear everything with confidence.

And even if you split it, you’re both getting a discount… Tip #3: Don’t buy new clothes just to impress your date If you want to purchase new outfits, shoes, or jewelry before a date — this is hard for some women to hear, but honestly, don’t do it.Instead, try making lunch or coffee dates your default choice for first encounters.It’s a lot cheaper and less time-intensive experience than other dates, which means that if you find that the other person isn’t a good match for you, at least you haven’t invested too much money in figuring that out.Men generally aren’t as concerned with what you’re wearing as you are yourself; plus, it’s not the clothes themselves that make a good impression, it’s how you wear them that matters.Keep your go-to dating garb simple by sticking to a few pieces you already own that make you feel especially confident and sexy.Whether it’s actually fair or not, a man may be perceived as somewhat uncouth by offering to pay for a date with a coupon.

However, if you (the woman) are the one who suggests using a coupon and then proffers one to your date, you’ve not just broken the ice — you’ve actually shaken it up and poured it into a pair of half-price cocktails.And while the categories that single ladies spend their cash on before a date may vary a bit, money is still money — no matter your gender: Tip #1: Calculate how much you already spend and what you can actually afford on dating Women typically invest more money in their appearance than men do before the date even starts — and from hair to nails, clothes to skin care and everything in between, these expenditures can really add up.Determine how much you want to spend on all these pre-date pampering measures (as well as for the expense of each date itself) and how these costs fit into your monthly budget.Free outdoor concerts and movies in the park work nicely as well for day-to-evening date options.Tip #5: Make very specific plans that can’t easily be extended to avoid over-spending Don’t get roped into paying for dinner when the date you originally agreed to included just meeting up for a couple of drinks.Love, on the other hand, is something that doesn’t fit easily into an Excel spreadsheet — but that doesn’t mean it’s not an essential human need just as deserving of your financial investment.

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    London Honey77 seemed like as good a profile name as any, given that I can rarely be bothered to travel outside of the M25 for a date (not even for bags of gold) and I’d imagine it was ‘honey’ (ahem) most men were looking for.

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    Bottom line is if you want a woman to become your lover, you must speak the language that sparks her attraction. When you speak that language correctly, the woman you like will unapologetically FEEL ATTRACTED to you. Women are attracted to someone who is confident, fun to be around and playful.

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    That i am less aggressive in my approach and i don't try to date it has sold 86 million units.