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The head was fitted over the flange and then the standard top hoop was installed.The first version of the Tone Flange looked like an automobile hubcap.

Leedy, which was now owned by Slingerland also used these new hoops.

Swing drummer extraordinaire, Gene Krupa is credited with the introduction of tom toms with tuneable top and bottom heads. Even though double headed toms were available from Slingerland, the older style with the tacked bottom heads were still being offered until around 1946.

After World War Two, they were no longer listed in catalogs. Company and Ludwig & Ludwig were a bit slow to add tuneable bottom headed drums with metal hoops and clips and it wasnt until 1938 that they became available on Leedy toms. Like Slingerland, these two companies continued to offer single tension toms with tacked bottom heads as a lower priced option. In 1938, Ludwig & Ludwig introduced the new Super-Swing and Standard Swing model snare drums.

Hoop clips were used to attach to the top of the hoop so that it could be pulled downward or upward exerting tension on the drum head.

The threaded tension rods were then inserted through the hole in the rim clip.

However, Slingerland catalogs continued to show the old style gates as late as 1948. To meet these demands, all drum companies utilized wooden hoops, often with decorative pearl inlays.

The gates on the Slingerland Rolling Bomber bottom hoops were carved into a one-piece maple hoop.The company claimed to have the strongest and heaviest hoops in the industry.In 1955, Slingerland introduced a new unique hoop that flared inward to minimize damage and wear to drum sticks during a rim shot stroke.The first Slingerland Radio King hoops had the name actually engraved in the metal. In 1935, Ludwig & Ludwig introduced the Silver Anniversary model snare drums and this would mark the first time that they manufactured double flange hoops without hoop clips for snare drums.Note the unique shape of the curved bends around the tension rods which are different from the other companies.These new hoops were referred to as Sound King or Stick Saver hoops.

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