Meet for sex in dusseldorf

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Meet for sex in dusseldorf

As the wealthy gang of four men and a woman were convicted at Southwark Crown Court for the five-year fraud yesterday, Thames Valley Police commissioner Anthony Stansfeld described it as a ‘shocking’ and ‘disturbing’ crime.He said: ‘That a fraud of this size could have taken place either displays complicity or incompetence, a lack of corporate governance, complacency, and an absence of proper safeguards.’The case bears similarities to the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which Leonardo Di Caprio plays a crooked broker who made millions as part of a stock market fraud – using his ill-gotten millions on lavish parties, cars, prostitutes and drugs.

Cartwright told the man dropping off the cash it was 'funny money for Scourfield to pay for girls'. Easy £1,500.’Scourfield, who earned £88,600 a year, was also given free rein to travel across the world and splash out with an Amex card at Mills’ expense.A corrupt banker and his cronies ‘financially raped’ small businesses to fund lavish holidays and sex parties with escort girls in one of Britain’s biggest ever frauds.Lynden Scourfield, a senior director of HBOS, forced firms that needed to borrow cash to use a crooked consultancy firm led by David Mills.He joins Cirrus Aircraft with more than 28 years of leadership experience in the aviation and aerospace industries.Most recently, he served as Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at Highland Group, an aerospace consulting firm.His favourite escort Suzie also offers 'verbal and physical domination' for clients who like spanking and humiliation.

Envelopes filled with wads of cash were delivered Scourfield at a flat in Portman Square.

HBOS, the holding company behind Halifax and the Bank of Scotland, finally discovered Scourfield’s unsanctioned loans in 2007.

Just 18 months later the failing bank had to be taken over by Lloyds and required a £20.5billion taxpayer-funded bailout to cover toxic debts caused by excessive lending.

Mills and his wife Alison lived in a detached six-bedroom home, with swimming pool, tennis court and gym, in the affluent town of Chorleywood, Hertfordshire.

They also owned a 100ft £2million luxury superyacht called Powder Monkey, which was moored in the Mediterranean.

Behaving like the ‘Mafia’, they would then use threats and extortion to seize control of the businesses, plundering bank accounts and pocketing massive new loans granted in their name.

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