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Out of the cities, rural life is largely agriculture-based, with locals working on potato, maize, coffee, rice and other farms.Archaeological evidence indicates that early life in Peru started up to 11,000 years ago, with nomadic people living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

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Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating!

Where possible, Intrepid uses local transport options and traditional modes of transport - which usually carry less of an environmental impact, support small local operators and are heaps more fun.

Depending on which trip you're on while in Peru, you may find yourself travelling by: Travelling with Intrepid is a little bit different.

Home to a diverse range of landscapes, Peru can lay claim to parts of the Amazon Basin, Andean mountain range and Lake Titicaca as well as areas of tropical savanna, desert, cloud forest, mangroves and beaches.

Peru's major cities are decidedly colonial, with historic buildings from the colonial era sitting alongside newer constructions.

With a long history of migration, many Peruvians may identify with several ethnic groups.

While city dwellers tend to live modern lives, the Quechua communities of Peru have lived in the Andes for hundreds of years and live more of a traditional village-based lifestyle that revolves around markets and agriculture.

In the Andes, the rainy season can sometimes just mean a bit of overcast weather.

The advantage to travelling in these areas at this time is that many other travellers make the mistake of postponing their plans until the dry season, leaving you with more of Peru to yourself.

Not many countries can offer beaches, mountains, rainforests and deserts on one visit.

These distinct regions offer something for everyone - that's why most Intrepid tours operate all year round.

This street food triumph is a winner - it's perfect for fussy eaters, vegetarians and the budget conscious. Rumoured to help with altitude sickness, this tea made from coca leaves is drunk by locals all over the Andes region and is hailed for its 'medicinal' properties.