Ps3 players met not updating

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Ps3 players met not updating - ang dating daan mga tanging awit

========= Quick FAQ ========= ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before you start reading, I'd like to point out a few things, there are spoilers in this section, so please read it at your own risk. Some characters can die during major wars, the chances are very low, however, they can still die, meaning you'll lose them forever.Thus, always always always always always save before you start a major war, you won't know when a character will die as his or her squad gets trashed by the enemies. There are certain points in game when characters can no longer be recruited, so make sure you get as many as you can before these events unfold: -Coronation Ceremony/New Queen's Campaign -Liberation of Stormfist Thanks to Webapprentice for reminding me about random yet permanent death of character during major wars.

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Thanks to all who emailed me the corresponding information Version 0.7 -First of all, I'd like to apologize and thank all of you who emailed me in between the last update and this one, because I've been having a lot of finals in April, I wasn't able to check my emails at all during that period.Return to Haud after that quest and enter the appraisal shop.Talk to Bastan, if the normal appraisal menu appears, speak to him again.Bastan (Chisei Star) -First try recruiting Sorensen and you should get lots of ?Paintings during your journey inside the Revolving Bridge.Gavaya, Bastan, Alhazred, Oboro, and Nakula get corresponding updates on their recruitment info.

Minor updates on The characters now have star indications next to their names, hopefully this will ease up your search if you don't know the character's name yet.------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero/Prince (Tenkai Star) -Protagonist, joins as soon as you start a new game Alhazred (Chisui Star) -!! Do the following before you begin the siege on Stormfist. After Lordlake's been revived, go to Tricolor Inn's second floor to find a fortune teller in one of the rooms, pick the choices given in any order and he'll give you a book.Store it at Chuck's place and rest at the inn in your HQ.Note that this FAQ has some minor spoilers, use it at your own risk if you are afraid of being exposed to anything you haven't seen or heard so far.You are welcome to email me if things are not clear or wrong and I'll gladly credit your contribution.Eventually, Bastan will ask you something about the ?

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