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It may also be to a “purity ring”, a ring worn to pledge sexual abstinence until you’re married.

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(source: Wikipedia) When there is no promise to marry, the lady will be give a “friendship” ring which we can deduce to mean that they are in love with each other.What if you won’t be officially engaged in the next 2 years?Then, it is suggested you wear the promise ring on the fourth finger of your right hand.Wir sind schon sehr gespannt, Sie kennen zu lernen und erwarten Sie mit den schönsten Anregungen für Ihren nächsten Urlaub.Städtereisen - Bade- und Urlaubsreisen zu den attraktivsten Zielen weltweit - Studien- und Erlebnisreisen mit qualifizierten Reiseleitern rundum den Globus - Kreuzfahrten auf allen 7 Meeren - Wellness- und Erholungsreisen - Flugtickets zu attraktivsten Preisen.Promise rings can be worn on any finger, sometimes on the engagement finger (ring finger on the left hand) especially if it is used as a pre-engagement ring.

It is also common to find that the promise ring being worn on the middle finger on the left hand or the ring finger on the right hand to prevent confusion with an actual engagement ring.When giving a promise ring, make sure the intentions are clear between two party. Sometimes, it may simply be a lure to be in a exclusive dating relationship etc. These days, promise rings do not have to contain the heart symbol.If you are thinking of giving any sort of ring, or if you have received one, do clarify intentions. Modern promise rings come in fashionable new designs.However, the general consensus is that the proper ring etiquette is for the men to offer rings to the ladies and not the other way round. These rings are bought, sold to, given to adolescents or to parents (to give to their children) to represent a ‘promise to oneself’ of the above desire.In some churches, purity-promise rings are accompanied with a religious vow with implication that the wearer will remain abstinent until replaced with a wedding ring.Das ist genau die Stärke und Kompetenz, die wir im Reisebüro verkörpern und die Sie schätzen werden.