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And when, at last, her first child is born, the infant’s arrival on planet Earth is greeted with the sound of applause. But if somebody hugged him, he’d quickly squirm away. The Viper Room was a small club: a black box with a stage in the corner.

In January 2009, she started dating actor Colin Hanks.Documenting River’s time on earth are fourteen feature films, one season of a TV show, and a handful of commercials, including spots for cars and cranberry juice. But it had the highest celebrity quotient this side of a red carpet, because Johnny Depp was an owner.The movies range from excellent to unwatchable; one of them (As an IMDb page, it’s not a huge ledger: a legacy of steady work over a decade as River grew from an adorable tyke with a bowl haircut into a strikingly handsome young man. I’m not just saying that now — I said that before he died. In the Viper Room on the night of October 30, 1993 (and the early morning of the next day), people in attendance included River; his girlfriend, Samantha Mathis; his sister, Rain; his brother, Joaquin; John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; Christina Applegate of; and Depp himself, who was playing with his band P, which also included Flea of the Chili Peppers, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Benmont Tench of Tom Petty’s band, and Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers.Her love story with Noah which started in 1995 lived for a short period until they separated in January 1996.Samantha was next linked up with famous American musician and record producer Adam Duritz.You could cut me open and vomit in my chest because that kid..a beautiful thing that he shows up with his girl on one arm and his guitar on the other. But that’s the thing that breaks my heart, first that he died, but also that he showed up with his guitar, you know?

He came to play and he didn’t think he was going to die—nobody thinks they’re going to die. That’s not an unhappy kid.”Years later, actress Samantha Mathis (“his girl”) said, “It was completely shattering.Here at R29, we're still reeling from his tragic passing, so we're taking today, the anniversary of his death, to reflect on the actor's life and a gutting, in-depth look at the young actor's short life, particularly the night that changed everything.But River had impact that far exceeded the number of films he made; he seemed like he had the chance to be the brightest light of his generation. He had something I don’t understand."Even considering that he was an actor, River had a remarkable number of identities in his short life: Child star. One of their songs that night was about going to parties in the Hollywood Hills — it name-checked Michael Stipe, Sofia Coppola, and River Phoenix. When Depp walked off the Viper Room stage, a bouncer told him that a friend of Flea’s was having a medical situation on the sidewalk.Not long after his death, Brad Pitt mused, "I think he was the best. Depp stepped out of the club’s back door and surveyed the scene: paramedics treating a young man he didn’t recognize, surrounded by a cluster of onlookers in Halloween costumes.The young man convulsing on the pavement is named River Phoenix.