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Veel afkortingen worden gebruikt in sms-berichten, internetforums en weblogs.

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It is a quick, dependable and user-friendly option to always stay in contact and be within reach of your chat team.Iemand die veel gepubliceerd heeft over sms-taal, is Wim Daniëls.Access SPLIT | SCREEN under the Page Settings tab inside your Chatwing dashboard and use the Full Editor to customize the page as you like.These user benefits have not escaped the discriminating eye of Finances Online experts who have placed Chatwing among its you’ll notice is the TRASH CAN. To save time there is not an extra prompt such as “are you sure you want to delete”, so take note and don’t click any import messages 😀 “! Many people ask what happens or how many flags does it take to take action on a specific message?Well, Chatwing has several proprietary algorthims running in the background to properly take into account how relevant this message is and if it should be deleted.Chatwing’s latest feature is a game changer in the chat software industry. Joomla Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration can be enabled directly from your chatwing dashboard.

Now YOU can set the number of users allowed in your chat: You want to allow only 22 users in your chat? Under the PLUGIN section, generate Note: Joomla Chatwing integration is supported across all Chatwing powered chat and app services.

Het eerste en nog altijd bekendste icoon is de smile of smiley: :-).

De dichter Quirien van Haelen heeft een aantal sms-gedichten geschreven.

Once clicked a new window loads within the chat window for private messaging.

To get back to the main chatroom for website click the similar icon in the bottom bar of the chat.

Some webmasters like to give uneducated users a quick 5 minute timeout as a warning, while some admins do not have the time to deal with some people and must instantly ban them for 5 or 10 years.

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    And then he starts strumming “Sexuality “and says “Oh, I’ve just played that.” “No One Knows Nothing Anymore” is a nice folkie, very-Billy Bragg song–good melody and really good lyrics.