The dating game goes wireless

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AT&T offered unlimited data a decade ago, when it introduced the i Phone and other carriers followed.

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Smaller competitors Sprint and T-Mobile introduced slightly cheaper unlimited plans last summer, helping attract millions of new customers.The only problem is no one seems to know where this Vault is Pandora is a backwater world where no one wants to live, filled with mutated monsters and violent convicts left over from a Mega Corp.'s previous mining operations.Luckily, a "Guardian Angel" appears to whichever character you picked, claiming the Vault is real, and that she will help you find it.But unlike Sprint and T-Mobile, Verizon said it would not downgrade the quality of streaming video for unlimited plan users.Verizon (vz) also maintained somewhat higher prices than its smaller competitors.Below we have exclusive footage of the upgrade kit being sampled by Alvin W. There are no wires connecting the headset to the PC behind the monitor.

Speaking to Upload VR in a phone interview, Graylin said that the experience would “greatly improve” the overall Vive experience, with no “noticeable difference” for factors like latency.Last month, T-Mobile stopped adding surcharges and taxes as additional fees, effectively cutting its unlimited price by another 10% or more.AT&T (t) offers an unlimited plan starting at 0 for the first line and only to customers who subscribe to its Direc TV satellite service.But the carrier said it had added enough advanced equipment to handle more traffic.“We’ve built our network so we can manage all the activity customers undertake,” Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon Wireless, said in a statement.The product will be available to pre-order with a standard battery, though Graylin said that a bigger battery will be sold eventually.

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