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And when we’re caught trying to take care of ourselves, the cis response so often is more oppression. I don’t buy into the ‘you have to disclose or you’re lying’ argument, nor the ‘right to not be attracted to trans women’ trope.Obviously they’re attracted, or they wouldn’t have anything to say about it, so that’s just bullshit.

I am 60 years old, and not a woman who is happy being single. Dating as an aging woman is very difficult; as an aging straight trans woman, it can be nearly impossible.

Some disclose right up front on their dating profiles, some do it a couple dates in, before that first kiss, some wait till later, and some never disclose.

All of these come with serious problems, heartbreak, even trauma, and danger.

I have spent approximately 2/3 of my life single, so I think I’ve given that a fair try. Trans people, on average, live shorter, sicker lives.

There are a lot of factors assaulting our health and wellbeing.

That drew a thousand comments, most from outraged cisgender men, many accusing me of ‘raping’ the man I was in love with. Cis people get so bat-shit crazy when it comes to us.

So few trouble themselves to consider how incredibly hard it is for us to fill even our most basic human needs in the face of the intense and pervasive prejudice and oppression heaped upon us.Her advice is to run ‘…the long game…get to know the person, like each other’s company, and keep sex at bay…’ until the time is right for disclosure.(Hmmm, let’s see…‘get to know the person’, check, ‘like each other’s company’, check, ‘and keep sex at bay’, …) As I said, her husband waited a long time for that kiss.I’ve struggled with disclosure — if and when and how to reveal that I’m transgender to a romantic partner — for decades, and especially over the past year.I have discussed the matter at length with other trans women, young and old, some successful in love, many not so much.My friend A is one of only a few trans women I know who are married to cisgender men who ‘know’.

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    If you don't mind taking care of him if he develops senile dementia and doesn't know who you are, go for it.