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For me, it meant I had to leave my country life behind.

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Robin had his own business, Art Market Research, analysing changes in the global art market.It was not until 1993 that we met again by chance at an art exhibition.We fell for each other immediately, dangerously, passionately. We were in our 50s, divorced from previous partners, single and not looking for anything more – but this was an electric, love-at-second-sight moment that was transformative for both of us.He took the Bullingdon Club members to Paris; I performed at the Edinburgh Festival with the group who created Private Eye.Later we moved to London and went our separate ways, both married to other people and barely seeing one another for the next 25 years.Bank accounts are frozen, cards unusable, cash inaccessible.

If your partner dies intestate, it makes normal life almost impossible to retrieve.

In the end I didn’t want him to have to endure anything more.

We cannot control the way we die but we can try to manage it, as we have to manage life if we are the one left behind.

Our priority after our marriage should have been to put our legal affairs in order but, busy as our lives were, this was too easy to overlook. Unconditional love was our talisman – and we failed to face our mortality.

During the weeks of his illness, Robin had been open with his family about what he wished to put in his will, and we knew there were some who wanted more and were not managing their expectations well.

If you die without signing your will in this country, you leave chaos behind you.