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I scarcely know where to start dissecting this debacle.

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but it had the opposite effect for the hack filmmakers of the world, sending them in to the water to make cheap knockoffs.

Continue reading: Orca Review There are exactly two funny performances in "Malibu's Most Wanted" -- a one-joke comedy about an over-privileged white-boy wannabe rapper -- and neither of them are by top-liner and co-writer Jamie Kennedy.

Expanding on a two-bit sketch character from his self-titled WB network variety show, Kennedy plays B-Rad G (nee Brad Gluckman), a pathetic poser "from the 'Bu," where "everybody's strapped with a nine" (nine-iron, that is) and "most of the time the police won't even come through" (because the town is pretty much crime-free).

The actor, who rose to fame in the 1990s in Beverly Hills 90210, knows that these films are a joke.

"It's over the top, but it's over the top in a great way, and I've stopped questioning it," he says.

In addition to the Jaws sequels, Orca stands at the very nadir of these "nature's killers from the sea." In its opening scenes, Orca tries to tell us that Jaws was a wuss: A killer whale smashes into a great white shark, sending him shooting 20 feet into the sky and devouring him in a foaming mess of blood.

Ooh, that killer whale's one to be reckoned with, ain't he?It was all top 10 trending topics on Twitter at the same time!Nowhere in any parallel universe did I ever think that would happen in my career."Continue reading: Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No Gives Ian Ziering A Franchise In the first few minutes of the shrewdly named Your Mommy Kills Animals, we're told the U. government named the animal rights movement the #1 domestic terrorist threat in 2005."These movies are not intended for overthinkers, but they've really captured the imagination of sci-fi fans.Sharknado 2 generated such a shockwave that it reverberated over a billion Twitter impressions around the world.What happens en route to that is almost incidental.