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Wakehurst inspected the gallows the day before and tugged on the rope.If there had been more rope above the frame than we could see on screen, Wakehurst would have released it when she pulled.

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"House of Whipcord", which was previously available on a DVD from Image Entertainment, has been recently re-released by Media Blasters/Shreik Show.

See more » "This film is dedicated to those who are disturbed by today's lax moral codes and who eagerly await the return of corporal and capital punishment".

So reads the foreword at the beginning of "House of Whipcord". Although this film was promoted as a standard women's prison sleaze-fest, there is much more to it than that.

Producer/director Pete Walker, known for his string of low-budget horror/suspense films, does an excellent job invoking the nightmarish prison and he has gotten fine performances from his cast, especially Keith, (a Walker regular) as the creepiest guard.

Unfortunately, Irving, sporting an incomprehensible French accent(a plot device which could easily have been dispensed with), tends to be more laughable than sympathetic.

No sooner is she in the car than he takes off like a bat out of (or headed for) Hell.

Upon arriving at his parent's VERY ominous country home, he disappears, leaving Anne-Marie at the mercy of two formidable middle aged women, Walker and Bates (Sheila Keith and Dorothy Gordon) who appear to be prison guards.The rope was clearly only as long as it appeared to be with the knot at about the level of Wakehurst's chin.In short, it is physically impossible for the gallows rig shown to produce the effect displayed in the film where the rope grew several feet in between edits.A troubled young girl goes to confession at the local church.Unfortunately, the sexually frustrated priest she confesses to becomes obsessed with her. See full summary » Edmund and Dorothy Yates are freed after fifteen years in an asylum.But he does not realize that the date is the present as he's been cooped up in the house.

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