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But it was a nanosecond that introduced me to some things about myself that I needed to look at.

Is it, I wonder, frustrating to Crow that she is forever dragged back into the controversy surrounding her ex? And she said, ‘No, you’re a woman, and people always want to know what you’re wearing and what was he like.’ ” For the record, the lean, glowing Crow is dressed down in tight jeans and loose blouse.Armstrong denied doping for years until his confession in January in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Anti-Doping Agency report detailed widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs by Armstrong and his USPS team.Crow – friendly, relaxed, hospitable – pauses briefly before replying.“Oh, you know,” she says with a hint of a sigh, “I couldn’t talk about any of that stuff.'He tried to apologize to Lance but Lance always refused to meet with him. His last wish was to see Lance once before he died, but that never happened,' she told the tabloid.

Coming clean: In a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong admitted that after years of denying it, he did in fact take performance enhancing drugs to secure his 7 Tour de France wins 'They were well aware of what I was doing and going to say. I was in Hawaii when it aired but my older kids and [first wife] Kristin watched both nights live.

Pretty much my life exists right this second, and my boys are the first thing I think of [in the morning], the last thing I think of at night, and past relationships with famous people or not famous people, with good people, with bad people, with tortured, confused people – every relationship has served a purpose in my life.” This upbeat spin, she agrees with a rueful smile, is the way you progress, and free yourself from your past. Letting go of what it is your life is supposed to look like sometimes is the most liberating moment you will ever have.” She thinks, then, that you have to “let go of it and say, ‘you know what, maybe my life is not gonna happen in the order I thought it would’.

As soon as I did that, I had the opportunity to adopt my first son.

But those are the experiences that have redefined my life.

“So talking about Lance,” she laughs drily, “it was a nanosecond in the grand scheme.

Or her battles with breast cancer and a brain tumour.

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